2012-02-24 10:29:33

Clouds Building With Chances of Light Rain or Snow

  Fog and Flowers / flickr
[Weather Today Korea] Inland areas will see patches of low clouds and fog today, especially mountainous area of Gangwon will have deep fog.
Temperatures will be warm during daytime again today.
Morning low was 33.8 in Seoul and afternoon high will climbing up to 49, which is making a great temperature difference between day and night, so please be careful not to catch a cold. In Busan, afternoon high will be 52.
Clouds building with light rain or snow is expected in Central regions from late tonight to early morning tomorrow.
Skies will be gradually cleared up from Saturday afternoon.
Temperatures will be slightly cold out, but there will be no frigid cold.
There's chances of much snow in East Gangwon area from Saturday afternoon to Sunday.
 Seo Ryeong Ko Reporter